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In celebration of Father's Day this month, we are pleased to introduce a new look for our Connections newsletter! The new nameplate, which incorporates both male and female elements, reflects an evolution of the demographics we serve. What remains the same is our quest to be your preferred educational resource with relevant, up-to-date, objective information about bioidentical hormone therapies.

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A Perspective on Male Hormones:
The Yin-Yang of Estrogen and Testosterone

Yin and Yang SymbolEveryone knows that testosterone is the essence of maleness. It is what makes men feel better, look better, and perform better-both physically and sexually. But most people would be surprised to learn that estrogen also plays a key role in men's sexuality, and is essential to their cardiovascular and circulatory health, as well as their muscle mass and bone strength.

Just as women need a small amount of testosterone, men need a small amount of estrogen. The ancient Chinese concept of yin-yang, where two seemingly opposite things complement each other to make a whole, depicts this delicate hormone balance that affects not only our physical and emotional well-being, but our sexual health as well.

What Does Testosterone Do?
Before we go any further with how estrogen and testosterone compliment each other, let's review the various functions of testosterone in men's health. Testosterone's effects can be grouped into two categories: androgenic and anabolic.

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A Man's Sense of Urgency
Written by Carol Petersen, RPH, CNP - Women's International Pharmacy

Older Man and Woman smilingWhile the majority of people dealing with urinary incontinence are women, men also suffer from it in significant numbers, steadily increasing with age. And, men are typically more concerned and embarrassed about it.

Incontinence is defined simply as the unintended loss of urine, and it can be caused by many factors. It can result from smoking, obesity, constipation, urinary tract infections or intestinal irritants such as caffeine or gluten in those who are sensitive to it. Incontinence can also occur during physical stress, such as when sneezing, coughing, laughing or exercising.

Unique to men is another cause of incontinence-an enlarged prostate. Because of the location of the prostate gland, any enlargement can interfere with the urinary tract and urine flow. And, while there are drug options for treating an enlarged prostate, the prostate gland is also very sensitive to the effects of hormones, some of which may also be contributing to the enlarged prostate.

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