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Good Night, Sleep Tight

The Role of Hormone Testing NewsletterSleep is the one thing that humans are unable to give up for any length of time. Even more so than water or food, our body simply shuts down when deprived of sleep. Yet, according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM), “more than 100 million Americans of all ages ... regularly fail to get a good night’s sleep” for one reason or another, leading to “a lowered quality of life and reduced personal health.”

Sleep is essential for tissue and cell repair, detoxification, and replenishing energy. Yet, while seemingly at rest, sleep also allows us to sort and store our memories and experiences, and somehow contributes to enhanced learning and mental performance. We still have much to discover about how sleep actually “works” to restore our bodies and our minds, and the growing field of sleep research is beginning to uncover the details of what happens when we are “at rest” during sleep.

In his book, The Promise of Sleep, Dr. William C. Dement writes that “most of us have the idea that sleep is a cessation of all activity, an oblivion we slip into where nothing happens.” In fact, this is far from the truth. Dr. Dement explains that “During sleep the brain releases new combinations of the hormones and chemical messengers that stimulate cellular activity throughout the body. … the sleeping brain actually appears to be more active than it is while awake.”

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The Chronic Stress Crisis by William G. Timmins, ND
Reviewed by Carol Petersen, RPH, CNP - Women's International Pharmacy

Mature Couple SmilingWhile there are many books about the problems of adrenal exhaustion or adrenal fatigue, very little has been written about that which leads up to it, when the adrenals are on high alert. Dr. Timmins discusses the full spectrum of adrenal response in The Chronic Stress Crisis.

Dr. Timmins defines chronic stress as stress that is repetitive, ongoing and unremitting; it can be linked to both internal and external sources. He identifies common stressors such as grief, poor sleep, parasites, injury, chemical exposures, too much or too little exercise, and poor food choices. Dr. Timmins makes the case that stress is the number one cause of all illness and disease.

In describing how chronic stress leads to crisis, Dr. Timmins reviews the pioneering work of Dr. Hans Selye, called General Adaptation Syndrome, which identifies three phases of stress response. Dr. Selye characterized the phases by the physical and biological changes that occur in the body in response to stress:

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Oral Progesterone improves Hot Flashes and Night Sweats
Written by Kathy Lynch, PharmD - Women's International Pharmacy

    Pharmacist Corner

A recent study supports the common belief that progesterone does indeed help with post-menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes and night sweats. The study included 133 healthy women, ages 44 to 62, who received either 300 mg oral progesterone or a placebo for a 12-week trial period.

The women who took progesterone described significant decreases in the frequency and severity of both day and night-time vasomotor symptoms. In addition, they reported significant improvement in their sleep quality.


“Oral micronized progesterone for vasomotor symptoms-a placebo-controlled randomized trial in healthy postmenopausal women” by CL Hitchcock and JC Prior; Menopause: The Journal of The North American Menopause Society; 2012; 19(8):886-893.



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