Blood Sugar and the Aging Brain

blood sugar and the aging brainAlzheimer’s Disease is sometimes called the “Disease of the Baby Boomers.” In a study on brain deterioration by Drs. Nicolas Cherbuin, Perminder Sachdev, and Professor Kaarin J. Anstey looked at 266 healthy, non-diabetic individuals, ages 60-64. The results indicated that high normal-fasting blood sugar levels were associated with brain wasting, particularly in areas relevant to aging.

In another study by Dr. Po Lai Yau, et al., abnormally high blood sugar levels were associated with shrinkage of parts of the teenage brain as well. Low testosterone, as well as high cortisol levels and estrogen/progesterone imbalances, may also lead to blood sugar/insulin disturbances. Although more research needs to be done, controlling blood sugar levels through a healthy diet and exercise may prove to be beneficial in maintaining healthy brain function throughout life.

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