Stress-related Tinnitus

Could Melatonin Reduce Its Symptoms?

can melatonin reduce symptoms of stress-related tinnitus?A study of 344 patients with tinnitus demonstrated that elevated stress hormones, as well as a break-down product of serotonin, appear to be related to tinnitus. Melatonin is thought to reduce these fight-or-flight stress hormones, while increasing blood flow and regulating inner ear immunity.

One study found that melatonin decreased the severity of tinnitus while improving sleep quality. A second study demonstrated that melatonin treatement reduced subjective symptoms by 40%. In both studies, a 3mg dose was given daily over a 30-day period.

While there is no FDA-approved medication indicated for the treatment of stress-related tinnitus, there are several drugs in development. In the meantime, bioidentical melatonin may be worth trying to reduce tinnitus symptoms.

Methylcobalamin (MeB12) may actually assist in detoxifying inorganic mercury in the body. Related research is ongoing and we will be keeping a close eye on the results.

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